Previously Settled FCA Case Resurrected by New “Original Source” Relator

The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit issued an opinion creating a national divide on when a relator is an “original source” of an FCA claim, finding that a relator’s secondhand knowledge of fraud was “direct” knowledge. Facts of the Case In United States ex rel. Banigan v.... Continue Reading →

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Tenth Circuit Questions Its Previous Decision Defining “Intervene” in Light of Supreme Court Decision and Further Qualifies Public Disclosure Bar

The Tenth Circuit’s recent decision in United States ex rel. Little v. Triumph Gear Sys., Inc. refines its definition of “intervene” in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in United States ex rel. Eisenstein v. City of New York. In doing so, the Tenth Circuit also seems to indicate that the original filing... Continue Reading →

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Fourth Circuit Addresses Expanded Definition of “Original Source”

In 2010, the False Claims Act (“FCA”) was extensively amended to limit the public disclosure bar and to expand the ability of whistleblowers to qualify as “original sources” in qui tam litigation. This month, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals took an in-depth look at both provisions, in the case US ex... Continue Reading →

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New 7th Circuit FCA Case Is a Primer in Whistleblower Cases

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals just issued its decision in US ex rel. Nelson v. Sanford-Brown, Ltd.. This decision is sure to find its way into briefs and arguments for years to come in False Claims Act (“FCA”) cases. It touched upon many of the different ways a qui tam relator can... Continue Reading →

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FCA Cases Just Got Harder to Settle

On May 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in Kellog Brown & Root Service, Inv. et al. v. United States ex rel. Carter, 575 U.S. ____ (2015), Case No. 12-1497. Most of the commentary on the case centers around the Court’s decision on the Wartime Suspension... Continue Reading →

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Self-Disclosure, the Public Disclosure Bar and the FCA – Uncertainty, Circuit by Circuit

Written by David B. Honig and Ritu Kaur Cooper. On February 3, 2015, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that disclosures to the public officials responsible for managing the subject of a False Claims Act lawsuit did not qualify as “public disclosures” for the purpose of the FCA’s public disclosure bar. US... Continue Reading →

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False Claims Act Update – Public Disclosure and Original Source

Several FCA opinions have been issued since the last FCA Update. The most interesting is a District of Nevada case, US ex rel Guardiola v Renown Health. Renown Health was the parent company for two other corporate defendants that provided acute health care services. The relator was Renown’s Director of Clinical Compliance. She... Continue Reading →

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Dismissal Affirmed!

On April 7, 2004, we told you about the Northern District of Illinois’ dismissal of a whistleblower’s case against Catholic Health Partners. On July 6, 2005, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal with prejudice. The appellate court found that the whistleblower did not show that any action... Continue Reading →

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Case Dismissed!

On April 7, 2004, the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois dismissed a whistleblower’s complaint against Catholic Health Alliance and other Defendants. The Court never even needed to consider the allegations behind the whistleblower’s lawsuit. The case against Catholic Health Alliance was dismissed because the whistleblower was not... Continue Reading →

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