Government Traps, Zaps and Zingers

In an opinion loaded with linguistic hooks, the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida recently reinforced the Supreme Court’s holding in Escobar, enthusiastically highlighting the importance of materiality and scienter in FCA cases. Background In U.S. ex rel. Ruckh v. Salus Rehabilitation, LLC, et al., Relators... Continue Reading →

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Escobar, Back at the First Circuit

Yesterday, the First Circuit Court of Appeals issued a new opinion in Universal Health Services, Inc. v. United States ex rel. Escobar.  Applying the materiality test enunciated by the Supreme Court in June, the First Circuit reaffirmed its previous decision that the whistleblowers’ complaint sufficiently stated a claim under the... Continue Reading →

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The Eighth Circuit Applies Escobar Materiality Test

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday applied the materiality standard enunciated by the Supreme Court in Universal Health Services, Inc. v. United States ex rel. Escobar to a False Claims Act (“FCA”) case alleging fraudulent inducement. In United States ex rel. Miller v. Weston Educational Inc., d/b/a Heritage College, two whistleblowers alleged Heritage College... Continue Reading →

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Government Challenges “Materiality” Standard of Escobar

Ever since the Supreme Court’s June 16, 2016 decision in Universal Health Services, Inc. v. United States ex rel. Escobar, a False Claims Act (“FCA”) case upholding the theory of implied certification, significant discussion has commenced regarding the Court’s “new” FCA materiality standard. How the appellate courts define materiality under... Continue Reading →

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Materiality and Government Knowledge in the Sixth Circuit

Written by David B. Honig and Steven H. Pratt. On February 2, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on a case from the Southern District of Ohio, US ex rel American Systems Consulting, Inc. v Mantech Advanced Systems International. At issue was whether a court may determine whether a knowingly false... Continue Reading →

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Dismissal Affirmed!

On April 7, 2004, we told you about the Northern District of Illinois’ dismissal of a whistleblower’s case against Catholic Health Partners. On July 6, 2005, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal with prejudice. The appellate court found that the whistleblower did not show that any action... Continue Reading →

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A lawsuit brought under the False Claims Act by a whistleblower was dismissed with prejudice by the Federal Court in Mobile, Alabama. The Court found that the whistleblower’s claims failed for two different reasons. First, he only made general allegations and could not point to a single actual claim that was improperly submitted... Continue Reading →

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