Xactimate User Agreement


The agreement allows CORE Group to offer contractors the opportunity to obtain Xactimate Standard and Professional licenses in addition to the many other benefits available as part of joining the contractor`s CORE network. Xactware collects price data through multiple channels, including Xactanalysis. As explained in our latest report, restaurateurs should keep in mind that about 90% of the estimates uploaded to Xactanalysis do not come from entities doing real work in the real market. Nevertheless, Xactware states that it “makes great efforts to ensure that no part or segment of the industry has undue influence on the price data we seek and report.” The AGM will directly address this imbalance and the apparent separation. Many restaurateurs wonder why each price should be taken into account in a market analysis if it is not a practitioner who is currently on the market. Many do not know: “Ultimately, the right price for each order is based on an agreement between the buyer and the supplier: the price that the buyer is willing to pay and the supplier is willing to work.” (Xactware Pricing Research Methodology Report, February 6, 2018) Since Xactimate is used by the majority of professionals working in the industry, every estimate made for our customers with Xactimate increases the chances that both parties will reach an agreement on the cost of repairs. The conditions for restoration projects are diverse and diverse, and are not well suited to a unified approach to pricing. Market price reports may or may not be relevant to a particular job. Standard prices are generic, non-specific and do not apply to many different scenarios. Open-mindedness and common sense should prevail in all cases. Therefore, in order to obtain a license to use Xactimate, insurers, APTs and contractors must agree in writing that they will not prohibit or exclude deviations from Xactimate`s prices if market conditions or other factors justify a deviation. The AGM encourages restaurateurs to review the last sentence of the second paragraph of Section 9 of its Xactimate License Agreement and apply it if anyone insists on the Xactimate price. This point seems to be unknown in many corners of the insurance industry.

AUSTIN, Texas – CORE Group Restorations, Inc., north America`s fastest growing network of entrepreneurs, today announced a multi-year agreement with Xactware Solutions, Inc. offer Xactimate licenses to its affiliated service providers. Restaurateurs, especially in small businesses, often suffer from unequal bargaining power in the settlement of catering claims. RIA is ready to give restaurateurs the tools they need to neutralize these challenges. The RIA Board of Directors recently adopted the association`s first position paper. This milestone is the result of the hard work of the AGM`s Third Party Directors (TPA) Subcommittee. It deals with best practices for restaurateurs who are facing requests for changes in the scope and/or price of POS. Confusion arises when TPA employees claim that these applications are based on program agreements.

In that case, the APT should explicitly cite the treaty provision justifying the request […].