Uc Reciprocity Agreement


This contribution is oriented towards UC to UC transfers and concerns more particularly the issue of the UC Letter of Reciprocity. There`s a lot of confusion about reciprocity, so I`ll do a brief roundup and my personal recommendation (for what it`s worth).

So, I`m moving from another CPU to THE CPU. However, I`m not sure I can get the UC recircurity, as one of my university latitude requirements is Eng1C (which only seniors can take, the other alternative bus100w filled up quickly and I couldn`t get a class). I`m not sure whether or not this is a lower department, but my permissions will be withdrawn if I don`t have a UC recitity. All my other general requirements are met. Hellp!!

For the UCI, we must put an end to all lower Divs to obtain reciprocity. I suppose that could be the case in the whole system. You should know if it is a lower or higher division. As far as repeal is concerned, I am not a licensing expert, but I think it is very unlikely.

As long as you have completed the course template you submitted in your UC application and in your TAU, your target CPU should not have problems with your course set. In the worst case, you will only have to do some of the GEs in your new school

your residency for educational purposes will be determined at the time of your application and shared with you in your official letter of admission. If this letter indicates that you are not entitled to the reciprocity or subway fare and you feel you should, please contact the Registrar`s Office. The University of California (UC) is a world-renowned research university and the largest public university in the state of California. UC is at the forefront of teaching, research and innovation and serves both students and PhD students. As part of the UC Education Abroad Program, the university welcomes mutual students from more than 100 partner institutions in some thirty countries. Will studying at UC be part of your future? The Metropolitan (Metro) Rate allows legitimate students to enroll in Cincinnati and pay Ohio-based tuition, plus an additional $25 per credit hour (maximum $300/semester; 12 to 18 credit hours per semester). 2. Read the “UCSB Guides for IGETC After Transfer” and meet with a Letters and Science Academic Advisor at the Transfer Student Center if you have any questions….