Super Salary Sacrifice Agreement Template


It is advisable that you and your employee prepare and sign a document specifying all the conditions of the salary sacrifice agreement. If you enter into an undocumented wage sacrifice agreement, you may find it difficult to find the facts of your agreement. If you enter into an undocumented wage sacrifice agreement, you may find it difficult to establish the facts of your agreement. The sacrificed salary must be definitively renounced for the duration of the agreement. This means, for example, that if a sacrificed super-contribution was not paid, but was paid at the end of a period of liquidation of a wage sacrifice agreement, the amount paid is as follows: the agreement must be forward-looking. This means that the agreement must apply to your employee`s future income. It cannot be for any salary, salary or claim they have ever earned. This means that an effective wage sacrifice agreement cannot include annual or long service leave accrued by your employee prior to the conclusion of the agreement. As of January 1, 2020, sacrificed super-contributions can no longer be used to reduce your super-guarantee obligations, regardless of the amount your employee chooses for salary sacrifices. If the salary is sacrificed in Super, the contributions will be kept in the fund. The employee can only access it when he fulfills a condition of release, for example. B the achievement of its age of conservation. If you sacrifice yourself in Super, you make a deal with your employer to pay part of your salary or salary before deducting taxes from your super account instead of your bank account.

This is a personal contribution that you will make in addition to your employer`s mandatory Superannuation Guarantee (SG), which is 9.5% of your salary. It is advisable that you and your employee clearly clarify all the terms of a salary waiver agreement. You should consult the Fair Work CommissionExterner Link before proceeding. Wage victims are considered a “discounted” benefit. Discounted contributions include: the Fair Work Commission regulates contracts and working conditions. To verify your terms, please contact Fair Work CommissionExterner Link. This is a great way to increase your super-credit in addition to the SG contribution of 9.5% that your employer must make on your behalf. It`s usually worth considering if your income is over $54,837. If your income is less than $54,837, you may be entitled to a co-contribution from the state.

Salary sacrifice is where you agree with your employer to make additional payments to your super of your salary upstream. By making salary sacrifices, you can reduce your taxable income and pay less income tax. Before you commit to salary sacrifices, you can see how it might work for you using our contribution calculator. If you want to tell us about how you want to contribute to your super, make an appointment with one of our Superannuation consultants. If you are unable to negotiate a satisfactory wage sacrifice agreement with your employer, you should consider making voluntary after-tax contributions and requiring a tax deduction. Employee contributions cannot be used by your employer to reduce your regular superguarantee payments, so they should not affect your regular superguarantee payments. Salary sacrifices are an easy way for you to make extra payments in your super. If you make an agreement with your employer, your employer transfers part of the salary (before taxes) to your super account.

It is important to note that salary sacrifices are not suitable for everyone. For example, if your income tax rate is less than or equal to 15%, a salary fine may not be appropriate. If you want to add more to your super due to lost salary, just download the following form and fill it out with your employer….