Sub Agreement Or Sub-Agreement


The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) writes and executes sub-agreements with other institutions. The PSO will weigh on the grant/contract account appropriations for projected expenditures up to the actual expenditure of appropriations for partial agreements. The AU service for which the sub-agreement was written is informed of the charge number. The service is then responsible for monitoring the progress of the subcontractor and processing the subcontractor`s payment accounts. The PSO is responsible for granting sub-agreements and all changes, tracking payments and reporting on cost-shared contributions, and concluding sub-agreements. Early termination of the sub-contract or project agreement covered in paragraph 11.3 never authorizes the holder to repay an amount and/or compensation. The chief negotiators will sign their agreement on a substantive issue by initializing a sub-agreement. Partial agreements with a refundable fee should only be established as an amount. Example: sub-agreements must be signed by all parties before services begin. An order is used to debit funds that serve as a vehicle for processing payments (USF Directive 0-302.) Changes to the sub-agreement must be modified or amended by sponsored research. Order changes are made when the change has been made and shipped with a request to change the orders for purchase by the sponsored search or department.

The guarantee, to the extent required by the Terms and Conditions, the Framework Agreement and/or the Sub-Agreement or The Project Agreement, is issued by a bank or insurance company in accordance with the agreements between the parties and in accordance with the model approved by V-SH. Do not attach sub-agreements, amendments or waivers. The purchase adds that the documentation, after being received directly by RFM A SUBAGREEMENT, is a contract between the university and a contractor paid for by a grant. The sub-agreements are established by the research department funded at the request of the Senior Auditor. Only the following people are authorized to sign sub-agreements: the president, the director of sponsored research and the vice-president of research (or his agent). General Counsel must approve all contracts before being executed. A sub-agreement is a document written under the control and in accordance with the terms of an award (subsidy, contract or cooperation agreement) that transfers part of the research or interest efforts of the main prize to another institution or organization. Outsourcing and/or sub-agreements must be submitted to the division for review and approval before the subcontractor performs work. Ensure that all subcontractors comply with the requirements of subsection 108.01 of the standard ODOT “contract subletting” specifications and executed in accordance with the contract requirements, special provisions 103-3 (a) 09 and the provisions below.

If part of the project is carried out in another institution or organisation (third party), a sub-contract or sub-agreement with the university is required to ensure compliance with the sponsorship requirements. The third party is required to provide the necessary resources to carry out the work, including the provision of an auditor on site to supervise the project`s activities.