Software Distribution Agreement Sample


The licensee developed the software contained in this software distribution agreement and the licensee expressed interest in becoming a distributor of the software. A global license is made available to the licensee for the distribution, advertising and marketing of the software covered by this software distribution agreement. Both parties agree to all the conditions listed above in this software distribution agreement. By signing below, both parties confirm that they have read all the documents contained in this agreement. PandaTip: This model must serve as an exclusive software distribution agreement, which means that no other company can compete with the distributor mentioned in this agreement to sell the listed software. If you do not intend to enter into an exclusive distribution agreement, you can change this section of the model to reflect this. Other key clauses relate to confidential information, terminations, the relationship between the supplier and the distributor, as well as a number of standard contractual issues (“boilerplate”). It is important to note that a considerable number of details (the specifics of a particular agreement, that is,) must be added to this document when it is used. A number of calendars are therefore included in the document as a whole with respect to references. The important aspects of the relationship are discussed in detail.

The supplier is required to provide the distributor with all necessary technical information and, if necessary, training. However, it is important to note that the primary responsibility for providing after-sales support for the software lies with the distributor (which makes this information and training even more important). The following software is governed by this contract: The software distribution contract is designed to be used in a B2B (business-to-business) relationship in which a company (“Distributor”) sells or supplies computer hardware to third parties and requires that software distributor manufactured or supplied by another company (“supplier”) for installation and use on that hardware. The text of this proposal provides that the distributor designation is not exclusive, but it can be adapted by additional formulations appropriate for exclusive use. If other parties are admitted as additional negotiators, these parties are bound by the terms of this software distribution agreement. This includes all upgrades, changes or extensions made to the software during the duration of the agreement. PandaTip: As a software owner, you are entitled to royalties for the software sold by your distributor. This model lists royalties at a rate of 20%, but you can change the language if your royalty percentage is higher or lower. The licensee was able to maintain and operate the entire software that is linked to this software distribution agreement for the duration of the agreement.