Rentokil Service Agreement


18. Compensation: to the extent permitted by law, the client and his staff free the CPP from any action, claim, procedure or expense (including full legal costs) that THE CPP makes as a result of: (a) persons claiming loss or harm because the client or his employees or invited persons are not being used in the manner recommended by CPP; (b) any confidence in the content of a service or inspection report by a person other than the customer who received the Customer`s report without the written consent of CPP, unless a loss or damage is caused by CPP or its staff. 2.5 If this contract applies to a job and you terminate it before that work is completed, you pay us 100% of the written cost of the work done if the contract is terminated, in addition to all other non-refundable costs we incurred in relation to the work, for example. B rental fees for access equipment. Under no circumstances, however, are you required to pay us more than the fees you would have paid if you had not terminated this contract. 25. Statement of Confidentiality and Credit: The customer authorizes THE CLIENT to use and disclose the Customer`s personal data for any purpose related to this agreement or other means, in accordance with Rentokil`s initial privacy policy, which can be accessed under When a credit is made available to the client, the client authorizes CPP to take one of the following steps to assess the client`s credit application under this agreement and, if the request is successful, manage the credit account until the credit account is fully repaid and closed: (a) the credit reports on the client and its related entities are received by credit information services; (b) obtain and/or disclose information about the customer and his associated businesses (including any information on their creditworthiness, history, reputation or ability) authorized by credit providers to provide, deliver or receive under the Privacy Act 1988; (c) information relating to the application for credit under this agreement and, if the application is successful, to the credit account and any credit available to a credit information agency for information or credit reports; (d) disclosure of information, including identity, because the customer has requested credits and payment details that have been outstanding for more than sixty (60) days at credit bureaus and other credit providers; and (e) to pass on information about the customer and his companies related to people who act as guarantors of the customer.