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Note that after the introduction of the ESHE, Spanish universities follow the 4-1 system (4 years – 4 years of bachelor`s degree study – 1 year of postgraduate studies) that, in many cases, European students enrolled in master`s programs can take UV training courses in our 4th year bachelor`s programs, since these courses correspond to the first year of other European masters , as these courses correspond to the first year of other European masters. but they can`t do materials with official masters. This condition does not apply to students who are nominated for a specific master`s degree under the bilateral master`s agreement between the two partner universities. In the meantime, course information on our website is only a guideline. Please note that it is mandatory for you to follow the instructions of the Faculty of Economics. On this page, you will find information on the following topics: ERASMUS students wishing to study at the University of Valencia do not need an official language certificate. However, it is highly recommended that applicants have an appropriate level of Spanish (equivalent B1 GER) before entering our university. With the exception of certain disciplines (law, economics, pharmacy, languages), the courses are mainly taught in Spanish. Make sure your apprenticeship agreement is signed and sealed by your home university and yourself before emailing it to the Academic Coordinator (not the International Relations Office). You can also send it to the Faculty`s Office of International Relations, check the list here.

Click “Curriculum.” Here you will find the list of subjects associated with the ECTS in the chosen course The faculties offer a large number of subjects in English are: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Linguistics, Translation and Communication. For more information, see: The Central International Relations Office is solely responsible for your administrative registration. Talk to your academic coordinator for the signing of the apprenticeship contract and ALL academic questions: at the University of Valencia, the various diplomas are governed by a university coordinator ERASMUS, responsible for specific issues. En la movilidad para estudios universitarios, el acuerdo de aprendizaje debe include a grupo de componentes académicos que se sustituirén en el diploma una vez completado con éxito el programa de estudios en el extranjero. Veanse mes adelante las “indicaciones.” Click on “See the information” for each course you are interested in (see you and more information) > Erasmus Studies Briefings of March 2020 Video presentation of procedures before the Erasmus 2016-2017 stay Please read the general instructions below before completing your apprenticeship contract! Important: the scholarship could only be paid if the student carefully complied with these instructions and presented the documents due at each stage. Complete your apprenticeship agreement with the selected courses and make sure you have at least 18 credits per semester and 50% of the subjects for which you have been nominated.