International Loss Sharing Agreement


Hu B, Meng C, Xu D, et al. Three-tier supply chain coordination with a loss-averse retailer and revenue-sharing contracts. International Journal of Production Economics, 2016, 179: 192-202.c. under an agreement on reasonable terms in accordance with the conditions compatible with that act, to the extent that this is possible and which would normally be included in a contract, agreement or transaction between persons handling arms extensions and comparable bargaining power positions; (d) the third party entered into an agreement with the Commonwealth or required the Commonwealth to grant benefits to the Commonwealth and meet the requirements of this clause 5.3.2 in the event of other transactions; C. Part 8A of the Environmental and Biodiversity Protection Regulations 2000 (EPBC), provisions within the meaning of Section 301 of the EPBC Act. The regulations provide that access to biological resources in a Commonwealth region is in accordance with a regulatory authority, unless biological resources have been declared exempt. An applicant for permission to access biological resources for potential commercial or commercial purposes must enter into an agreement with any ISP to distribute resource benefits. Kim M. The impact of supplier innovation, information exchange and strategic procurement on improving supply chain agility: global supply chain perspective. International Journal of Production Economics, 2017, 187: 42-52. Cachon G P, Lariviere M A. Supply chain coordination with revenue-sharing contracts: forces and limits. Management Science, 2005, 51(1): 30-44.

7.1.2. The Access Party ensures that an agreement with a third party pursuant to point 5.3.2.c contains the requirement that the third party recognize that the Commonwealth is the source example provider. c. Losses or expenses incurred by the Commonwealth in the handling of Claims against the Commonwealth, including legal fees and expenses on the basis of a law and self-client firm, as well as the cost of time spent, resources used or payments made by the Commonwealth; 1.3.1.