Hospital Consignment Agreement


The positive elements (for the medical establishment) of the consignment contracts are: Ammer continues: “When purchasing the consignment, the hospital takes possession of the inventory, but only buys it legally when the equipment is actually distributed to the health centre. For this article, I will use the terms “transit contract” and “shipping purchase” in a synonymous way; However, in reality, the mail-order purchase refers to the type of purchase and the delivery agreement refers to the agreement between the seller and the medical establishment that allows the purchase by mail. A principle of lean consignment is a just-in-time system (JIT) in which the medical establishment keeps certain storage items to cover its immediate needs without covering the purchase costs UNTIL the stock is consumed. The neurosurgeon mentioned above could have the diversity of options at his disposal without having generated the cost of waste – certainly a lean principle. Ammer said: “The case investment that a hospital has to make in the park is also increasingly reduced by the purchase of consignments.” It may not be for everyone, but buying shipping has made a difference for some shipments, is not a new method. In fact, Dr. Dean S. Ammer, a father of the health care chain, stated in his 1983 book Purchasing and Materials Management for Healthcare Institutions: “This is a common practice for extremely high-priced high-margin products, such as pacemakers.” Things to consider When entering a delivery contract, the medical establishment must take into account the following issues, be careful While delivery agreements offer great flexibility, supply chain executives must pay attention to this warning: There may be cases where the shipping inventory is maintained in another facility. , which may not even be in the same IDN. In this case, the seller`s representative can exit your inventory to fill a need – perhaps an urgent need elsewhere.

Thanks to this action, your shipping items are actually part of a network of shipping stores for the credit controller. Such a movement can occur without your knowledge. Sharing is not uncommon in a community with several hospitals. The important thing is that when you`ve sent items, you have to manage them. Shipping items offer variety of products and comfort that are definitely good things. Nevertheless, it has its drawbacks, as mentioned above.