Forged An Agreement


… It also argues that a review of the copy of the sales agreement clearly shows that it was the petitioner who certified the false agreement.6. I have… Singh, who is one of the witnesses to the allegedly fake deal for sale. The charges against the petitioner and his co-accused are serious. You informed the complainant of a… On 13.2.2012, Tehal Singh, co-accused of the petitioner, reached an agreement for the sale by country of 119 channels and 13 marlas, located in the area of the village of Awan and obtained a… the arrangement forged to sell for the benefit of his brother and then received a Patta for the country in question from the city council. It is also said that if the accused came to hunt by force…

Petschist and his brother are in possession of the property. It is also argued that the allegedly falsified agreement for the sale in favour of the petitioner`s brother has already been… the fact that the petitioner is already involved in the investigation and that the allegedly falsified sales agreement has already been recovered by the police without worrying about… …/complainant) himself admitted in cross-examination that with respect to the disputed property in question, respondent No. 2 to 4 was the subject of a false sale agreement… Palika nagar, Ramnagar. None of the authorities has so far declared the alleged document as a falsified document. Accused/Respondent 2 Mohd. Hanif, it must be admitted, seems son-in-law to…

From 3.10.2013 with regard to police station, Bhinmal, district Jalore.In fir, the complainant claims that the petitioner prepared a false agreement to sell… were executed by his older brother Babra Ram and has the falsified arrangement in question to sell before the city council to publish pattas of his brother`s land…. The complainant claimed that he was aware of the allegedly falsified agreement for the sale of 5.12.1988, when the accused petitioner No. 2 Sukhraj was a fir No. 183/2013 against the brother… P. Venkatarama Reddi, J. Leave. 2.C is the case of the complainant that his mother (who is no longer) entered into a written agreement on 13-10-1981 with the first… the respondent who refused the agreement and the 50,000-point draft were returned at the same time as the letter.

Following the exchange of communications, the complainant`s mother filed a complaint with 1989`s Appeal 82 in the… Singh by a sale agreement of 30-7-1981. On 8.7.1991, the respondent filed a photocopy of the alleged agreement of 30.7.1981, according to which the apartment accepted the sale to Sukhbinder Singh… The accused Akash Verma, who joined the investigation, showed a false agreement to the investigating officer and the offences covered in Sections 467, 468 and 471 iPC were added. That`s right. The defendants should be quashed. I have reviewed the order of 10.08.2016, issued by this Court. The early bond was granted without taking into account this false agreement.

There`s nothing on… The agreement was invoked for falsely after the granting of early bail and as taught by the Council of State that not the agreement that was executed by the complainant with the accused because… Gurmel Singh, Britain`s residence had filed a complaint that, in 2002, when Gurmel Singh was in India, Gurmel Singh`s sister-in-law Balbir Kaur got a forged settlement with respect to 12 Channel 4.1/2 Marla land to take ownership of Gurmel Singh. She, in accordance with the relationship, put Gurmel Singh`s signatures on the false agreement.