Army Reserve Agreement


My son has just started in the army reserves, so if this is the place to receive news about the army reserves, I would like to be informed of the current items and thank all those who have served us and served us🎖️🇺🇸For anyone who decides to serve in a reserve capacity, you only receive a salary on the weekends where you drill. You earn a full salary as an active member if you serve your two weeks in the summer. If you are activated for an overseas operation, including combat operations, you will be activated on active duty. During your active service, you will be treated as a full-time member of the armed forces. The Fair Work Ombudsman can enforce leave rights in the defence department if it is included in industrial instruments such as enterprise agreements. Just stumbled on this site after receiving the message that my son is also making reserves of the army. Lots of my knowledge and comfort base. Workers may not be required to take annual or long-term leave due to absence from the defence department, but they may do so by mutual agreement with their employer. On the other hand, reservists generally have six-year reserve contracts and generally two inactive services. A policy of withdrawal from the defence reserve can help ensure that workers and employers understand the expectations and responsibilities that apply to them when a staff member is absent for defence or training. A model for a defence reserve policy is available online ( and the Defence Reserve Support Office in each capital is happy to help you develop a policy – just call 1800 803 485.

Employers can benefit from financial assistance through the Employer Assistance Program to offset the cost of dismissal of workers for the defence service. Employers are paid for the defence service eligible for an average weekly wage (regardless of the worker`s salary), although higher payments are provided in special circumstances. For more information, please contact the Defence Reserve Support Aid on 1800 803 485 or see: . However, many employers provide paid leave and some offer higher wages to help their reservists because military pay is less than their civilian salary for many reservists. Workers should review their relevant industrial instrument, such as the enterprise agreement. B, or their employment contract, to verify the paid leave rights in the defence department, if any. As always, it is best to do as much research as possible if you consider the possibilities in the military and other military branches. Talk to as many service members and veterans as possible. Remember that your recruiter is a great resource for you. You will be able to see what lifestyle (active duty or reserves) will help you achieve what you are looking for in your service. With respect to the GI Bill, all active service, reserve and custody members are eligible for post office 9/11 GI Bill, provided they have been active for at least 90 days since September 11, 2001.