Agreement End Definition


End of the agreement. This agreement ends as soon as possible by the parties` written decision to terminate the agreement at any time before the expiry of the exclusivity period. Parties to a final agreement that either closes the transaction or ends discussions on the transaction; or, according to our default language, the agreement ends with the natural course of its fixed duration, with the agreement of the parties or once (if) the underlying transaction for which this assistance agreement was concluded. close, finish, close, finish, finish, finish, finish means bring or reach a break point or limit. usually implies that something has been opened and unfinished in one way or another. Ending a debate gives a strong sense of finitude. his end-of-life degree may mean a formal diploma (from a meeting). the service concluded with a conclusion of blessing may weigh on the conclusion of a final step in a process. After painting, the house will be ready means removing all defects or a successful completion that has been done. The resolution of the latter problem requires the end of the agreement with the setting of a limit in time or space.

Employment ends after three months of termination or expiry of the exclusivity period under this contract; For some assistance or support agreements, for example.B. non-disclosure or exclusivity agreements, a simple contracting clause is more useful than a robust termination clause . . . . The financing contract comes into effect on the start date of the contract and expires on the end date of the contract. Subject to Section 8.4 (c), the IESO does not submit to the recipient the payment of an IESO-approved request for assistance before the end of the contract. French, Greek, from the inside of the endon; similar to Greek in, In, Altlain indu, Hittite andan within – more in TERMCe contract begins from the beginning of the contract and expires on the end date of the contract (the “duration”).

. For the [contract start date] to [contract closing date], Grantee [full-time/mid-term] will provide primary direct care to patients in the local outpatient setting (s) during office hours normally provided under the Grantee grant contract (here after “agreement” with OSHPD). . probably the change of the English dialect at the end of central England, from the old English; similar old German enti end, Latin before, anti Greek against . Payments are made during the contract date [contract start date] until [the end date of the contract].